stuffing box not dripping


stuffing box not dripping

Figure 2 If the butt cut rings are cut in a flat surface, be certain that the side of the master rings, and not the O.D. When properly adjusted, stuffing boxes are designed to "leak" slightly at two to three drops per minute while the engine is running and the shaft is turning. This type of seal does not drip and runs cool. If you are having trouble breaking the nuts apart, due to corrosion, use a little penetrating oil. To see the full size images, you need to enable javascript in your browser. When adjusting the stuffing box keep in mind that; if the adjustable stuffing box nut is too tight you will burn the packing which can end up with a damaged shaft. Dig out all the old packing with a thin screwdriver or a bent piece of stiff wire, but work carefully to avoid scratching the shaft. Don’t Rock The Boat: Prevention and Treatment Of Seasic... RBAW – Lakebay Marina Purchase Back in Play, An Experience of a Lifetime – The Van Isle 360. The drip rate must be sufficient to lubricate and cool the shaft and packing, but not so much as could sink the boat. Stopfbüchse aus Messing mit Abstreifring und doppelter O-Ring-Abdichtung aus EPDM. Its flaw, albeit necessary and one some perceive as fatal, is its propensity, or necessity, to leak or drip. Disclaimer:  This is not a “how-to repack your stuffing box” post. One wrench is a traditional pipe wrench, and the other is a spanner designed for a sink drain. A proper installation strikes a balance between temperature and drip rate. You can add to the likely resulting damage rusted shaft/transmission couplings that will have to be cut off and replaced the next time you have to pull a shaft. If the stuffing box is above a deep bilge, tie a retaining line to the wrenches before you start. Add enough additional layers to fill the packing nut completely, and then screw it onto the threaded sleeve of the stuffing box. He has over 45 years of Pacific Northwest boating experience. Be very careful not to get near any engine or transmission seals. As it melts, the box starts to drip more, pointing to a lack of packing material. It will wear a groove in the shaft though. This picture shows the wrenches I use to loosen and tighten a stuffing box. One wrench is a traditional pipe wrench and the other is a spanner wrench designed for a sink drain. 167 1. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. You … He has very detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to do this. If the adjusting nut does not turn easily, use a pipe wrench on the stuffing box flange — located just forward of the hose — to keep the box from turning with the nut. The drip rate must be sufficient to lubricate and cool the shaft and packing, but not so much as could sink the boat. Begining to think that my mystery flooding was the stuffing box. This may be all that is required, but each time the nut is tightened, it squeezes and compresses the packing further, forcing it tighter around the shaft. Drip-Less = A stuffing box that drips less but still needs to drip some. Thanks I attempted to grab the stuffing box hose with a vice grip and yank it out with a winch. Back this nut off a couple of turns. And except for a slow drip, the seal is watertight. As the flax packing compresses and the fax wears away, the chance of shaft damage increases. The drip rate must be at once sufficient to lubricate and cool the shaft and packing, but not so much as could sink an unattended boat. 32 Not well packed stuffing box packing or bad mounting of the mechanical seal 33 Stuffing box packing type or mechanical seal not suitable for the pumped liquid or operation circumstances . Before you get started, you will need a couple of wrenches to loosen and tighten the nuts. It is used to prevent leakage of fluid, such as water, between sliding or turning parts.” – Wikipedia. Or maybe it somehow went out of adjustment and is getting too hot. My stuffing box does not drip at rest and only maybe a drop per minute under way. No joy. When I replaced mine on Julandra, I think I sold mine at a consignment store for about $20 or so. Your email address will not be published. I have no idea the last time the packing gland was adjusted. When a stuffing box starts to leak excessively, you should tighten the packing nut until the leak stops. Tie up your boat very well at the dock and with the engine running at idle in forward gear count the drips which should be about 1 every minute. Schraubenwelle Edelstahl Durchmesser 25 mm mit Lippenstopfbuchse … The article is about re-packing the stuffing box not about the hose clamps.. April-15-2005. By Brian Gordon, Last updated 6/30/2020. How tight do I properly adjust the stuffing box. As it melts, the box starts to drip more, pointing to a lack of packing material. The cooler your stuffing box runs, the longer shaft life you’ll have. Ideally, the compression on the packing is just enough to make the seal both watertight when the shaft is stationary and drip slightly when the shaft is turning. Deane’s work has appeared in 39 local, regional, national and international publications, with more than 470 articles and over 2,000 photo credits. The hardware components within the Stuffing Box perform the important function of minimizing the leakage of "pumped up" process fluid out of the Stuffing Box; without Packing or a Mechanical Seal in the Stuffing Box, leakage would naturally occur … This condition is with the adjusting nut backed off so I can adjust it with my hand alone. When tightening the nuts, the wrenches are moved away from each other. I was driving through Gilroy this weekend with my family and the air temp was 109 degrees. or I.D. Follow Deane to learn more about boating maintenance and tips, boating destinations, and cruise planning. Yep a stuffing box is packed with hemp & should drip a bit, it has to be tightened up every so often to keep the dripping in check. #, Installing a new #electroscan electrode pack and c, Twitchell the #owlharbor #marinacat waiting patien. Context: About to adjust the stuffing box on the E32-3 as it's dripping a little too much for my, albeit novice, taste. For the non boaters, the stuffing box is an old low technology thing that stops water pouring into the boat from where the propeller shaft is fitted. In either case you must adjust the pressure against the stuffing around the prop shaft. Each additional ring can be cut in the same manner, or the first ring can be used as a master from which the balance of the rings are cut. Required fields are marked *, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Basically the this is what prevents water from entering the boat. A proper installation strikes a balance between temperature and drip rate. Start by loosening the locknut. Your email address will not be published. Even with it splayed out wide I can not budge the remains of the stuffing box. A stuffing box is a type of seal that prevents fluids from leaking inside of machine parts. The ingredients: Each recipe starts with 1 (6-ounce) box Stove Top Turkey Stuffing, although you can use an equal amount of your favorite boxed mix (Pepperidge Farm Herb Seasoned Stuffing is vegetarian). If it does, give the packing nut another half turn and check again. Like the thread says it is a GW Morse shaft seal, NOT a conventional stuffing box. The proper term is drip-less or a box that will drip less often. When the shaft is spinning, the stuffing box must allow a few drops of water per minute for lubrication. Note:I am not advocating the used of perforated hose clamps on a stuffing box. Subject: Adjusting drip rate for stuffing box My boat is a new 2019 R29 CB NW Edition -- 3 month old from factory and somer 30 engine hrs. The size you need depends on the space between the shaft and the inside of the hollow packing nut. Dripless is a term that is best forgotten in regards to standard traditional stuffing boxes. I had a stuffing box on my fishing vessel and they are good on this type of vessel where the vessel is in constant use. Wrap the second length around the shaft, and stuff it in against the first layer, staggering the joints in each layer.

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