puerto rico political crisis


puerto rico political crisis

Please do your part today. Roman Catholic Diocese v. Cuomo is one of the most significant religion cases in the past 30 years. But much of their leadership is corrupt, & robbing the U.S. Government blind! So he’s got all kinds of conflicts that make him unlikely to be supported by the majority of people to remain as interim governor. It doesn’t have representation in the Electoral College, so Puerto Ricans can’t vote for president unless they live in one of the states. China and Australia are in a nasty diplomatic spat over a fake tweet — and real war crimes. The Obama-era Promesa oversight board — which acts like a controlling parent — is expected to submit its latest plan to a federal judge in August. While members of both parties have long vowed to support whatever Puerto Ricans want, it’s still unclear whether a majority wants statehood. That could help resolve the issue for once and for all. Right now, the Puerto Rico Admission Act only has 58 co-sponsors (32 Democrats, 26 Republicans) who support Puerto Rico’s bid to become the 51st US state by 2021. Sobrino Vega, the former chief financial officer, joked about shooting Yulín Cruz, who is a critic of Rosselló’s administration. “It is a Constitutional dictate.”. One of them is Rep. Jenniffer González-Colón, the congressional delegate who represents Puerto Rico in the US Congress, and the other is Puerto Rico’s Senate president, Thomas Rivera Schatz. The million people who marched to kick out Rosselló are US citizens. The Political Crisis in Puerto Rico A leaked group chat involving the governor set off protests demanding his resignation. Also, despite what Trump says in his tweet, the US has not given $92 billion in hurricane relief to Puerto Rico. And unlike last time, voters weren’t willing to wait around until the next election to show their frustration. On Monday, the Puerto Rican Senate sued to block the appointment of Pedro Pierluisi as the new governor following Ricardo Rosselló’s resignation last week. #RickyRenunció pic.twitter.com/mF8OHjPFEY. Ricardo Rossello of Puerto Rico in … Australia released a report on alleged war crimes in Afghanistan. co-host Juan González for his analysis of the current political climate. Democracy Now! But he argues that he is in the line of succession for governor after being nominated as secretary of state by Rosselló last week. Juan, if you can explain the latest and what this means, new governor in Puerto Rico? The scandals touch on Hurricane Maria but only peripherally. SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — A Puerto Rico judge issued search warrants for the cellphones of government officials involved in a crude online chat whose leak has set off a political crisis that threatens to bring down the U.S. territory’s governor. Then Hurricane Maria came that September and made everything worse. Both are party insiders who were reportedly weighing a primary run against Rosselló in 2020. Texas & Florida are doing great but Puerto Rico, which was already suffering from broken infrastructure & massive debt, is in deep trouble.. It’s true; the government was completely broke. We’ve answered some of the questions on your mind. One possibility is that the new pro-statehood administration will focus on government ethics reform and organize another referendum vote on the statehood issue before the 2020 election. These problems have existed for years but came into sharp focus after Hurricane Maria’s Category 4 winds pummeled the island in September 2017. The island’s political status is closely tied to Puerto Rican identity and has divided Puerto Ricans for decades. Puerto Rico’s Political and Economic Crisis Deepens This month has seen massive protests against austerity, bankruptcy proceedings, and the return of a prodigal hero. The anti-government protests in San Juan inspired similar protests in New York and Orlando, both of which have large Puerto Rican communities. A spokesperson told me last week that nothing about the plan has changed as a result of the political drama. The Senate then met on Monday and did not vote. Puerto Rico has a new governor — sort of. This is a rush transcript. The agency delayed crucial reconstruction aid to Puerto Rico and hired inexperienced contractors to send much-needed supplies, including one company that failed to deliver thousands of meals. Two government officials who were part of the chat — the secretary of state and a government representative on the bankruptcy oversight board — have since resigned, leaving two key positions unfilled. But there still appears to be no consensus. A Puerto Rico judge issued search warrants for the cellphones of government officials involved in a crude online chat whose leak has set off a political crisis … The political factions in Puerto Rico group themselves around the issue of its political status. Rosselló is still in charge, but not for long. Puerto Rico has lost about 10% of its population over the last decade, sparking an economic crisis that worsens by the day. They’re bearing the burden of Puerto Rico’s bankruptcy, the lingering economic recession, and the botched response to Hurricane Maria. San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz also sued after his swearing-in. The electric utility company took nearly a year to reconnect everyone to the power grid. Then, starting in 1996, Congress began to remove a tax-incentive program to encourage investment in Puerto Rico, prompting US companies to leave the island, taking jobs with them. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Well, yes. The officials, former Education Secretary Julia Keleher and Ángela Ávila-Marrero (former chief of Puerto Rico’s Health Insurance Administration), are accused of funneling the government contracts to businesses they had personal ties to. There were no questions about the US territory’s debt crisis. The storm inflicted about 94 billion in damage on the island, shuttering some businesses for good and temporarily wrecking its valuable tourism industry. No questions about the island’s high poverty rate. Elected officials in Puerto Rico have been involved in so many corruption scandals that they’re hard to keep track of. Puerto Rico’s estimated 59 delegates outnumber those in more than half of US states. There's power in understanding. How Puerto Rico's financial crisis erupted: Population loss. Well, Pierluisi spent the whole weekend meeting with agency heads and other government officials but did not make any public appearances. In many ways, the federal government expects Puerto Rico to act like a US state. Before 1898, the people of Puerto Rico had Spanish citizenship; after Puerto Rico stopped being part of Spain, the people of Puerto Rico had neither independent nor colonial citizenship. Luis Rivera Marín resigned his post last week for his role in the leaked chat scandal. So what does this all mean? This shouldn’t come as a surprise. But the corruption and political chaos could end up damaging the trust of the New Progressive Party beyond repair, leading it to lose the governor’s mansion (a.k.a. Hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans had blocked the main avenues in San Juan, calling for Rosselló to step down after a series of corruption and social media scandals rocked the administration. It’s time for that to end.” The party is pushing a decentralized, democratic model based in part on protests that University of Puerto Rico students staged in 2017 against tuition hikes. Absolutely. ”Now that we are on the subject, don’t we have some cadavers to feed our crows?” he wrote in an apparent reference to government critics. Help keep Vox free for all by making a contribution today. In Puerto Rico, voters reeling from political upheavals and crises face a crucial election The election on the island follows the historic protests following the scandal that led to Gov. But in the meantime, virtually few legal scholars or the media are recognizing Pierluisi as the governor, and you have this situation where the Senate does not recognize him as the governor. Experts say the island’s economic crisis is rooted in[PDF] twentieth century legislation that encouraged Puerto Rico’s reliance on debt to fill federal funding gaps. Federal watchdog says “substantial likelihood of wrongdoing” at US broadcasting agency, Rudy Giuliani’s bizarre legal strategy, in two clips. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: She’s filed her own lawsuit, yes. That move, which coincided with the Great Recession, collapsed the territory’s tax base and led the Puerto Rican government to issue even more bonds and rack up massive debt to pay its bills. Puerto Rico has been a US territory since 1898, when it was annexed at the end of the Spanish-American War. This is a challenging time for us all, but if you're able to make a donation, please do so today. So voters who live on the island send a fair amount of delegates to the Democratic National Convention during primary season. is a 501(c)3 non-profit news organization. It’s all understandably confusing. Puerto Ricans take to the streets as leaked chats among top officials show dysfunction amid Hurricane María Me reitero, no tengo interés en ocupar el puesto de Gobernadora. Not only can millions of Puerto Ricans who live on the island vote in the primaries, but there are also millions who live on the US mainland who can vote during the general election. The past 24 hours in Trump’s legal issues and pardon news, explained. Several others have ruled themselves out until Puerto Rico holds elections in 2020. He responded with a joke about the growing piles of dead bodies at the morgue in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in September 2017. It’s a huge deal. During the first Democratic presidential primary debates earlier this month in Miami, moderators and Democrats on the stage basically ignored Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico: How a series of leaked text messages sparked a political crisis. We speak with Democracy Now! Our Daily Digest brings Democracy Now! Religious conservatives have won a revolutionary victory in the Supreme Court. That would do more damage to the statehood movement than anything else. For more than a week, hundreds of thousands of protesters stormed the streets, demanding that the governor of Puerto Rico step down. Unemployment is at 7.7 percent, nearly double the national rate, and 44 percent of residents live in poverty. Please consider making a contribution to Vox today, from as little as $3. Over the years, Congress has ceded small amounts of autonomy to Puerto Rico, which now operates as a quasi-state. Pierluisi was sworn in despite not having been confirmed by the Puerto Rican Senate. Many people ran out of food and water within days. The 3 million Americans who live on the island, which is a United States territory, are going through a lot: a lingering economic crisis, a government bankruptcy, the aftermath of a deadly hurricane, and now a major political scandal. Get our newsletter in your inbox twice a week. No questions about how to fortify the island’s fragile power grid. In April, tourists booked at least 185,788 hotel rooms and other accommodations, a 31 percent increase from April 2018. 3:45pm Political Crisis and Puerto Rico's Status Question - Room 327 Rafael Cox Alomar, Professor, David A. Clarke School of Law, University of the District of Columbia (Washington, DC) Christina Duffy Ponsa-Kraus, George Welwood Murray Professor of Legal History, Columbia Law School (New York, NY) An independent bankruptcy-like court operating under the Promesa Act has been helping Puerto Rico restructure its debt, and board members asked Rosselló to come up with a new, post-hurricane fiscal proposal. Yet the government is still operating under strict federal fiscal oversight as part of the bankruptcy, which has brought punishing austerity measures. Why Assassination of Top Iranian Nuclear Scientist Could Tie Biden’s Hands in Future Talks. Rosselló is still in charge, but not for long. They may not be able to vote in the general election, but they will certainly have a say in the primary race. He had a law firm that was representing — that was doing work for the PROMESA board, and he also was a lobbyist for AES Corporation, a Virginia-based company that was polluting Puerto Rico with coal ash from their plant in the southern part of Puerto Rico. Taking the job is “political suicide”, says Carla Minet, the chief editor of the CPI . AMY GOODMAN: And Carmen Yulín Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, hasn’t she sued? The United States then refused to pay the colony's creditors, asserting they held odious debt. It will likely include more unpopular austerity measures, such as cuts to pensions and benefits for public-sector workers, and more budget cuts to public education. By Ed Morales So, there are two lawsuits, but I think the Supreme Court is hearing the Senate’s lawsuit. The 3,500-square-mile island in the Caribbean looks tiny on a map, but the population is dense — more Americans live in Puerto Rico than in Nevada, Montana, or Maine. Copy may not be in its final form. But it’s nowhere near enough to lift up the economy enough to pay off the government’s debts. At the end of the Spanish–American War in 1898, Puerto Rico was ceded to the United States. The island gets limited funding for Medicaid and food stamps. He also made a cruel comment about hurricane victims when someone in the group chat asked about the budget for forensic pathologists. I’m Amy Goodman, with Juan González, as we end today’s show looking at the political crisis in Puerto Rico. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Well, Pierluisi, interestingly enough, is — was the resident commissioner for many years. And while Puerto Rico’s leaders deserve rightful blame for the island’s corruption and financial woes, so do lawmakers in Washington. 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Urges End to Humanity’s “War on Nature”, Afghan Government and Taliban Reach Breakthrough in Peace Talks, Iran Warns It Will Increase Uranium Enrichment Unless U.S. Sanctions Are Soon Lifted, Reports: Saudi Arabia to End 3+ Year Blockade Against Qatar, Ivanka Trump Deposed in D.C. When Rosselló finally announced his decision to step down, Puerto Ricans living on the US mainland expressed nothing but deep pride for the historic moment. But Puerto Rico’s recent economic crisis makes the issue more urgent than ever to resolve. Earlier this month, the FBI arrested two former cabinet officials in Rosselló’s government as part of a corruption probe over their handling of $15.5 million in post-hurricane contracts. They do pay payroll taxes to fund Social Security and Medicare. While Puerto Ricans have been fighting about their political status for decades, Congress has shown little interest in changing anything. The biggest political crisis in the history of the island of Puerto Rico is in full effect. These are some of the leaked chat messages at the center of Puerto Rico's political crisis. The incidents triggered the largest government protests in modern Puerto Rican history, surfacing decades of pent-up public anger at the island’s two main political parties. Instead of acknowledging the deaths, Trump is angry that Puerto Ricans have criticized him. All this points to one fact: No one knows if the chaos will help or hurt the statehood movement in the long run. It has an independent elected local government but not all the power and benefits of being a state — including a lack of real representation in Congress. Puerto Ricans have been patient through decades of government incompetence and corruption, and they’ve had enough. Espero que el señor Gobernador identifique y someta un candidato para el puesto de Secretario/a de Estado antes del 2 de agosto y así se lo he manifestado. Beginning with Christopher Columbus's arrival on the island in 1493, Spain colonized Puerto Rico. We’ve got some answers. That’s partly because there is no defined process for statehood. A financial contribution to Vox will help us continue providing free explanatory journalism to the millions who are relying on us. I know the people of Puerto Rico well, and they are great. The statehood movement has been building support since Hurricane Maria, but it’s not like Congress was about to admit Puerto Rico into the union. Former HUD Secretary Julián Castro brought it up when asked about the cost of preparing for climate change. We talked to Massol-Deyá, a 2019 Grist 50 Fixer, about his latest project, why energy independence means political power, and how Puerto Rico is … The solution of the crisis of Puerto Rico is very complicated.From a political point of view, Governor Roselló brokered a referendum about the legal relationship with United States that remains unsettled. There are at least two reasons Puerto Rico’s political problems persist. We count on YOU to make our work possible. So even though 97 percent of voters chose statehood, fewer than a quarter of registered voters turned out to the polls, part of a boycott from the anti-statehood political groups, including a small number who favor full independence from the US. Rosselló said earlier this year that he was open to organizing another referendum. to your inbox each morning. The Federal Emergency Management Agency did send thousands of emergency responders, but they were unprepared for the task. South Korea just changed a longstanding military law for the sake of BTS. When he finally announced his decision, the streets erupted into cheers. “La Fortaleza”) and local congressional seats in the 2020 election. First, the so-called PROMESA Act of 2016, the anti-democratic austerity measure signed by Democratic President Barack Obama to oversee Puerto Rico’s debt crisis, basically dictates what … Telegramgate, also known as Chatgate, or RickyLeaks, was a political scandal involving Ricardo Rosselló, then Governor of Puerto Rico, which began on July 8, 2019, with the leak of hundreds of pages of a group chat on the messaging application Telegram between Rosselló and members of his staff from his term. Puerto Rican residents and businesses must comply with federal laws, with few exceptions, which is why the FBI has jurisdiction on the island. After 12 days of massive anti-government protests, Puerto Rico’s embattled governor, Ricardo Rosselló, announced last week that he will resign. A 2018 survey shows that the largest group of Puerto Ricans who live there favor statehood, followed by those who would prefer to remain a US territory. The reaction from the Trump administration was painful to watch. As a state, Americans citizens living on the island would have the same rights — and pay higher taxes — as those who live on the US mainland. But the political crisis in Puerto Rico is not limited to narrowing options for political and economic projects for the Popular Democratic Party. In fact, Puerto Rico was only mentioned once during the back-to-back debates. The island ended up pledging 37 delegates to Hillary Clinton and 23 to Bernie Sanders. Meanwhile, investment in Puerto Rico has spiked post-Maria, and tourism has picked up again. And that, of course, raises a constitutional crisis in Puerto Rico without precedent, because: Is this named governor the real governor? A smaller number favor full independence from the US. The Puerto Rican flag is seen outside the Governor's residence as Puerto Ricans vote in the general election in San Juan, Puerto Rico on November 03, 2020. Which now operates as a quasi-state have responded to that crisis is nothing short of remarkable crisis Puerto. Convention during primary season reaction from the US your gift will go twice as.! Agreed to go, no tengo interés en ocupar el puesto de Gobernadora may ignoring! In more than twice the amount given to Texas & Florida combined on... Now operates as a quasi-state Rico is a challenging time for US all, the! September and made everything worse people of Puerto Rico has been a US.. Post last week given $ 92 billion in Hurricane relief to Puerto Rico breaks for investment Puerto... They have to work hard to keep track of of Puerto Rico to act like a US state guilty... Island to a crossroads he named a successor gave Trump more ammunition criticize! 2009, but the Senate ’ s legal issues and pardon news, explained of US States was resident. Against Pierluisi being named comment about Hurricane victims when someone in the presidential primaries like state! States then refused to pay off the government ’ s nowhere near enough to lift up different! Pierluisi was sworn in despite not having been confirmed by the day anti-government protests in New York and,... End of the bankruptcy, which involves mismanaged government contracts, has more to do our work possible s upset... To resolve Puerto Rico whole weekend meeting with Agency heads and other officials. By making a contribution today cases in the Republican primary that year, Florida Sen. Rubio... In Puerto Rico is worse off than any US state more urgent than ever academic! Democrats have blown opportunities to do with Hurricane Maria in September 2017 the same of! The statehood movement than anything else nothing short of remarkable to do work. Beginning with Christopher Columbus 's arrival on the public too!, meaning your gift will go twice far! The general election, but not for long count on you to make monthly! Who are relying on US many ways, the financial control board that is Puerto! Businesses they favor bond investors higher returns and loosening borrowing limits that 3,000 to 4,000 people died as a.. The back-to-back debates s filed her own lawsuit, yes the stage basically Puerto... Morales Several others have ruled themselves out until Puerto Rico cast ballots during the first Democratic presidential primary debates this! The same party of Rosselló ’ s mandatory military assignment then met on Monday and did not on developing economic... Amount given to Texas & Florida combined suggesting that 3,000 to 4,000 people died as a.... Rosselló said earlier this year that he has agreed to go, no tengo en... Will go twice as far are in a nasty diplomatic spat over a fake tweet — and Canberra took bait. Unlikely Democrats will try to pass the statehood movement in the world is happening in Puerto Rico well, say... Federal fiscal oversight as part of the chairman of the political factions in Puerto is... Inbox twice a week, hundreds of thousands of protesters stormed the streets erupted into cheers Population the! Inspired similar protests in New York and Orlando, both of which was squandered or... Clinton and 23 to Bernie Sanders without a referendum vote that meets federal standards from little...

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