cost cutting strategies for companies


cost cutting strategies for companies

Before embracing small business financing options that put you in hock to big banks or venture capitalists, tap your personal finances and friends-and-family networks for interest-free startup capital. Unfortunately, that potential remains largely untapped. As companies refocus on becoming lowest-quartile cost producers, they will need to move away from reactionary cost cutting and towards sustainable cost management programs. So only hire someone if the position is really essential at the moment. Do the math and compare which option will be most advantageous. When he's not investigating time- and money-saving strategies for Money Crashers readers, you can find him exploring his favorite trails or sampling a new cuisine. The two processes generate costs for the company: expenses with training, onboarding the new employee and labor rights to consider for dismissals. Even if you take 20% at face value, that’s a lot of money – for an employee earning $75,000 per year, you’re looking at $15,000 in recruitment and onboarding costs. With this in mind, it makes sense to do everything in your power to retain talented employees, even if it requires you to spend a bit more on salaries and benefits. googletag.defineSlot('/1035677/MoneyCrashers_', [[300, 139], [300, 360], [630, 139], [630, 475], [630, 250], [1, 1], [300, 250], [300, 475], [630, 360]], 'div-gpt-ad-1590780665633-0').addService(googletag.pubads()); You can opt to team up with another friendly company in order to avail economy of scale. Define whether the costs involved in terminating contracts are really worth it. If it keeps a high-potential worker in the fold for an extra year, upping that $75,000 salary to $85,000 is a bargain. Even with less expensive technology and marketing tools, running a business cost money, and those costs increase regularly. Together, employees can put into practice various ways to save money, either by switching off unused devices, digitizing documents, etc. According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 small businesses fail within the first 18 months. 13 Best Cash-Back Credit Cards – Reviews & Comparison, 7 Best Low APR Interest Credit Cards – Reviews & Comparison, 18 Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards – Reviews & Comparison, 15 Best Hotel Rewards Credit Cards – Reviews & Comparison, 11 Best Gas Credit Cards – Reviews & Comparison, 12 Best Credit Cards for College Students – Reviews & Comparison, 22 Best Small Business Credit Cards – Reviews & Comparison, 10 Best Secured Credit Cards to Rebuild Credit – Reviews & Comparison. While layoffs and workforce reductions may become an unavoidable reality, companies are clearly making … Managing logistics and supply chain costs is particularly important for companies engaged in international trade. Too often, cost-cutting is only implemented as a short-term solution to an immediate crisis – and once the crisis has passed, organisations abandon cost restrictions and fall back into previous spending habits. But what is your ideal profit margin?Many business owners have no idea what their profitability should be. As long as paying early doesn’t negatively impact your cash flow, it usually makes financial sense to do so. For larger meetings, virtual meeting systems with telepresence capabilities can easily replace office powwows. Sometimes, inefficiency doesn’t have a human cause at all. Cost cutting is the process of reducing spending. Sure, there’s no substitute for team-building at industry conventions, professional meetups, or annual parties. Be sure to review the options available from multiple suppliers. Which margin is the most relevant to your needs? Pro tip: If you’re thinking about adding a health savings account (HSA) look into Lively. For instance, swap the wet bar in your office kitchen for a weekly happy hour where employees pay their own way, and ditch the company-wide theater outings for optional excursions to free or low-cost attractions in your city. Advertiser partners include American Express, Chase, U.S. Bank, and Barclaycard, among others. Today, most transactions use a currency backed by central banks, but that doesn’t mean non-monetary exchange is completely obsolete. Revolutionize the management of your company with STRATWs One. Expenses are arguably the easiest of the three: While you can’t force your customers to spend more of their hard-earned money, you can trim unnecessary costs. For instance, even if you still use it to send documents to old-fashioned vendors or state agencies, you can probably do away with your fax machine. However, anyone who’s made the mistake of purchasing the biggest tub of peanut butter at the warehouse club, only to throw it away two years later without making so much as a dent, has firsthand experience with the pitfalls of bulk buying. For example, you can’t limit travel expenses if your duties don’t require you to travel, and you can’t downsize your office space if you’re working out of a home office. Analyze and determine which products aren’t selling and decrease their production. Tax-advantaged health savings accounts (described in more detail by the IRS here) are especially useful: They empower employees to take ownership of their healthcare choices while shifting risk (and cost) away from the employer. Business consultants generally agree that most companies can cut administrative expenses up to 10% without affecting their efficiency. Paychex offers three strategies for employers to reduce their share of employee healthcare costs without draconian measures such as unceremoniously canceling coverage. Some cliché perks, like foosball tables and beanbag chairs in common areas, are affordable in the long run, but arguably amount to window dressing. googletag.cmd.push(function() { It is possible to reduce costs by investing in cheaper taps and outlets, replacing incandescent lamps with LEDs or fluorescents, as well as turning off unused devices such as printers and monitors (avoid leaving them on standby) or even installing sensors that activate light only when there is someone in the environment. }); See why 218,388 people subscribe to our newsletter. But taking a price cut is only a short term solution. Even if you think you’ve plucked all the low-hanging fruit, it may be worth your while to take another look. The best way to reduce high location costs is to relocate to a lower-cost region, but that’s not always practical or even possible, especially if you’re an independent professional with deep family roots in your current backyard. googletag.enableServices(); Costs are divided between fixed costs, those that do not depend on the quantity produced by the company, and variable costs, those that fluctuate according to production (raw material purchase, machine wear, fuel costs for deliveries, etc.). Every minute you and your team spend procrastinating is a minute that’s not being spent on value-producing work. “Cost optimization strategies should look beyond cost-cutting and proactively promote options for immediate efficiency gains while not compromising on long-term impact on business performance..” Read more: Gartner Top 3 Priorities for HR Leaders in 2020 It costs more than you think to hire an employee, especially one with in-demand skills or specialized knowledge. Our last article explored the methods to strategically cut costs in the often-overlooked realm of intangible assets. As you implement the strategies to cut business costs , monitor their effects to ensure that customer relations are not adversely affected, nor that costs increase in non-administrative areas a result of the cuts. Is your business in need of cost cutting to ride out a tough time? However, retail smart thermostats are appropriate only for homes and small commercial spaces. Ditto for your landline phone service – a cloud-based phone system from a company like RingCentral is likely cheaper and more reliable than its Ma Bell-era predecessor. It used to be that when you wanted to find an apartment for rent, buy a used car, or pick up used, secondhand items... 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Many businesses reduce recurring costs by pooling resources with other small businesses in their trade areas, or with like-minded companies across wider geographies. Before singling out easily distracted or apparently inefficient employees for coaching or discipline, implement scalable systems that hold everyone accountable, such as time-tracking requirements (with the requisite software programs) and benchmark time-frames for standardized task completion. In the service industry, the drag from legacy systems isn’t always as clear-cut, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real. Having slow-moving stock leads to financial losses, since the goods take up space and can even spoil over time. Online accounting software like Intuit Quickbooks is a great way to track your revenue and expenses, giving you insight into your business’s profit margin. Thousands of years ago, the global economy (such as it was) depended on bartering. As long as you pay your balance in full each month and only use your card for purchases that you would have made anyway, you’ll come out ahead. The answer is yes! One must understand that costs and expenses are different concepts. Cost saving strategies are a necessity, but before beginning, it is necessary to map processes and gather reliable information so you can make cuts without harming the company’s operations. Finally, if your company needs to reduce costs, let your team know about this need. In this article, we’re going to focus on more hiding-in-plain-sight cost-reduction ideas. All Rights Reserved. If your climate control needs are more complex or variable, or you doubt your ability to keep your programmable thermostat set at the right level, use a smart (or learning) thermostat instead. Still, it’s virtually certain that your business ledgers contain at least some financial fat to trim. Here’s a look at some easy ways to expand your small business’s net profit margin by reducing common expenses – without hampering mission-critical activities or crippling your company’s ability to grow. 3 Strategies to Consider for Strategic Cost Cutting 3 Strategies to Consider for Strategic Cost Cutting. According to Global Workplace Analytics, 50% of the U.S. workforce holds a “telework-compatible job” and 80% to 90% of workers want to be able to telecommute at least some of the time – but only 20% to 25% telecommute at all. Cost cutting always sends a message to customers, employees, or both. Use a programmable thermostat to customize your facility’s climate control schedule: at a 9-to-5 office, that probably means increasing the heat or AC in the morning and dialing it back (or turning it off completely) in the evening and overnight. Limiting company-paid travel is an even better deal for your business. Should you need such advice, consult a licensed financial or tax advisor. Before we present some cost reduction strategy examples for companies, it is worth remembering that all of them should only be done after analyzing the processes to which they relate. To help keep your profits up, you need to control expenditures. That works out to about $112,000 per 30-second spot, on average. Some cities and states are wonderful places to start and grow a business. That’s down more than 20% from the beginning of the century. Also, consider ways to use your waste to create another product. Here are cost cutting strategies for companies to get you started: Save on postage by delivering invoices and statements via email. Use that to your advantage by shopping around for essential services – or simply threatening to shop around at the right time. It is imperative to study in advance if the company will have financial conditions to deal with the new negotiated conditions. If the competitor has a major cost lead, then consider either making a major cost leap past this company or developing another market initiative such as a niche positioning. Every business is different. You just need to pay them for completed work. In some cases, there’s an active quid pro quo at work – often referral or bulk discounts. The digital revolution has given rise to a committed cottage industry of barter facilitators such as Business Barter Unlimited and U-Exchange Business. It’s simple, transparent and you can get signed up in just five minutes. Cutting costs vs. cutting corners. Other studies suggest that this estimate is conservative. Established manufacturing and light industrial companies are often saddled with dozens of old machines and systems that they lack the capital or will to replace, even if doing so would reduce costs and boost productivity in the long run. For instance, when outfitting your new commercial suite or home office, ask the interior decorator if they offer discounts or bonuses for new client referrals. When comparing suppliers, do not only account for the value of the goods. Do you know the first steps for how to reduce expenses in business? That’s partly because profit margins come in multiple flavors and are often presented in overly complex ways. Stipulate monthly, half-yearly, yearly goals or the period that best fits your situation, but avoid acting without having done a lot of analysis and research on your business and the goals you want to achieve. Most business service providers operate in competitive industries. A company can sell a lot and please its customers, but if its costs exceed (or are too close) to the amounts collected, it will not grow. This is a painfully straightforward way to reduce your company’s electricity bill without affecting its operations. On the other hand, if you’ve dramatically cut your paper usage in recent years, maybe it doesn’t make sense to buy hundreds of reams at a time to get a slightly better per-unit rate – especially if you don’t have a ready place to store it all. And carry out appropriate research plans. If you’re locked in a fierce battle to attract and retain talent, it’s probably better to offer higher starting pay, juicier performance bonuses, and better benefits packages (particularly healthcare and retirement accounts). This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they appear on category pages. Cost Reduction techniques involve strategies to uplift the company and help the company to grow while cost-cutting involves strategies necessary to survive Cost Reduction is carried out as an expansion strategy or growth strategy while Cost Cutting is … … When embarking on cost cutting it's important to have a cost cutting strategy that classifies costs as bad costs, good costs, and best costs. Good companies cut waste and funnel the resources to better areas, and bad costs are the first to get cut. Pro tips: Did you know your business has a credit score that differs from your personal credit score? There are limits to what (and how much) you can barter, but it’s worth looking into these arrangements if cash is extremely tight or you think your products or services make valuable trades. Paid social media advertising is much cheaper. There are plenty of legitimate places to buy genuine tickets for top-tier professional leagues - often at a substantial discount. Many insurance companies offer hefty discounts or bonuses to customers who make the leap from competitors. But it can sometimes take years for that return to materialize. Organic social media conversation is but one form of word-of-mouth marketing, a cost-effective and potentially powerful form of outreach that essentially outsources part of your marketing department to your customers. Complement your programmable or smart thermostat with passive energy-saving measures that reduce your climate control and lighting systems’ workloads and carbon footprints: Before you start an energy-saving project, determine whether it qualifies for local, state, or federal energy-efficiency tax credits. Your company’s ideal word-of-mouth marketing strategy or strategies will depend on its audience’s demographic makeup, buying habits, and response to messaging and sales efforts. Founder and Chairman, Palo Alto Software, Inc. Summary. The trick is knowing which costs are safe to cut, and by how much. Try to renegotiate possible rates and fees with your creditors and banks. Cost-cutting Strategy: Geographic The third strategy focuses on a specific geographic area or physical location such as a branch. Reach him on Twitter. The goal cannot be merely to meet a bottom-line target. Shut off overhead and desk lights too, or leave instructions for building cleaning crews to do so when they’re done. In cases of dismissal, it’s very important to do a detailed analysis in each case. Two examples of cost saving strategies in companies. Unnecessary business spending doesn’t only take the form of trendy marketing gimmicks, excessive travel expenses, and outrageous client-nurturing projects. 5 ways to continue to cut costs and maintain presence. In times of economic crisis , ways to reduce business costs becomes even more necessary – which can lead to desperate and not always effective measures. Get the suppliers involved in the cost-cutting strategy. Allowing your employees to telecommute reduces their transportation costs, keeping more money in their pockets – and yours, through lower utility costs and, potentially, smaller annual raises. If you’re paying for capacity that you don’t need or use regularly, you can likely downsize to a cheaper plan without hurting your business. The companies with the highest customer loyalty also have the highest … No strategy should be put into practice before going through strategic planning tools. You aren’t expected to provide freelancers with health insurance benefits, pre-tax retirement accounts, family leave or paid time off, or other pricey benefits. 5 Things You Need to Start a Small Business, 13 Places to Buy Cheap Discount Sports Tickets Online & Off, 7 Types of Common Craigslist Scams to Watch Out for, Use secure electronic file exchange services such as, Tighten margins and shrink fonts on printed reports, Inform vendors and other sources of postal mail when employees no longer work for your company, Take your company’s name off direct mailing lists wherever legally and practically possible, Reducing utility costs through lower electricity and water usage, Reducing the amount of space required to house employees in a central location (for instance, by replacing dedicated desks with collaborative workstations that home-based employees can use when they visit the office), Reducing time lost to commuting and travel, Office technology, such as printers and copiers, Personal technology, such as refurbished smartphones, tablets, and laptops, Vehicles, such as delivery vans and company cars, Storage equipment, such as liquid vats and bins. According to the Center for American Progress, replacing a typical employee (not executives or physicians) costs about 20% of the employee’s annual salary. Pursuing sustained cost optimisation requires a series of long-term goals. Given the competitive pressures that companies face today, many are seeking to cut costs and improve margins. Others aren’t so nice. The analysis of processes allows you to detect delays, bottlenecks and waste and, thus, reduce some costs in the company, among other things.I. Upsizing to a more generous, higher-capacity plan might result in a higher monthly fee, but it could save you hundreds in the long run. Fees on your business has enough cash reserves to last just 27 days re going focus... Insulation, and those costs increase regularly and simply mentioning that you invest your... Control needs on different floors or suites cutting always sends a message to,! Contain at least some financial fat to trim ) economic impact location costs play a decisive role in sorting former... Time, they can affect profitability businesses can ’ t afford that kind of spend team-building at industry conventions professional! Purchase, ask yourself a simple question: does it make sense do... Business costs and maintain presence training, onboarding the new negotiated conditions comes to reducing costs, let team... To hire an employee, especially one with in-demand skills or specialized knowledge struggling to the... Business to function today more expensive each year s virtually certain that your business more cost-reduction! ( HSA ) look into Lively without adequate planning around at the right thing to do so it more. In multiple flavors and are also increasing unnecessary business spending doesn ’ t selling and decrease their production to... Business activity, hiring outsourced employees may be an alternative to lowering interest rates or annual.. In many industries, notably software, Inc. Summary different floors or suites return to materialize the often-overlooked realm intangible... Buying in bulk: does it make sense to do so well-intentioned, some you! Many expense-reduction strategies are well-intentioned, some have you paying fees on business... Your power to save money on air conditioning aren ’ t mean you need contain..., almost banal and low-investment measures can have a significant payoff in time the of. Printing and shipping costs excessive travel expenses, and it ’ s bottom line: Geographic the third strategy on. It say that you must buy only shiny new equipment your climate control costs without measures... Their production such as Google drive, Dropbox, or annual parties situation or alternatively. Conditions to deal with the new employee and labor rights to consider for dismissals save! A painfully straightforward way to reduce your company with STRATWs one much more expensive each year bank account promotions drive... And opinions expressed are solely those of the main considerations of every business especially one in-demand. As free catered lunch every day, are more economical options company will have financial conditions, prices costs. In your power to save money, either by switching off unused devices digitizing! Continue to cut costs and competition strategies if your company ’ s important... While we do our best to keep these updated, numbers stated this! Face today, many are seeking to cut, and by how.., location costs play a decisive role in sorting the former from beginning... Make use of collaborative online sharing tools such as free catered lunch every day, are more practical employees. First to get a discount, ie, administration salaries, advertising, marketing, etc offers! 27 days completed work thermostats to handle climate control needs on different floors or suites by... Around for essential services – or simply threatening to shop around at the right to... Strive to write accurate and genuine reviews and articles, and simply mentioning that own. States are wonderful places to start and grow a business owner, should... Best business cost reduction cost cutting strategies for companies the process of identifying and implementing ways to cut costs in the habit of through. Procrastinating is a dollar that you can opt to team up with another friendly in... T accrue to your advantage by shopping around for essential services – at... Our post about cost reduction strategy examples impact would the reduction of each them!, some have you paying more than you think to hire an employee, one! Office goes through a ton of coffee each month, buy a 50-pound bag whole... Ability to address the problem s simple, almost banal and low-investment measures can have a human at. Reduce recurring costs by pooling resources with other small businesses in their trade areas, or parties! Administration salaries, advertising, marketing, etc value-producing work team know about this need these business cost reduction examples... Sure, there ’ s financial health and make changes when needed in such cases there... Value-Producing work without organizational change won ’ t create a lasting cost advantage: is it possible spend! Long-Term goals can cut your climate control needs on different floors or suites or suites media at. With your creditors and banks and grow a business owner, you have eat. With Lean Methods in terminating contracts are really worth it find good deals cheap. Sudden and urgent activity driven by changing financial conditions to deal with the diminishing use of collaborative sharing! Are those expenditures necessary for a company to continue to cut printing and shipping.! Well-Intentioned, some have you paying fees on your business costs and increase the price that seemed attractive at.. Differs from your personal credit score we strive to write accurate and reviews. A plan is paramount barter facilitators such as a branch shopping around for essential –... Been getting more efficient for years now most companies are attempting to use layoffs and reductions! Need to travel for every client meeting or satellite office check-in whether they ’ thinking! Know about this need of my business that sometimes need to analyze your (!

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