strange laws in italy


strange laws in italy

Browse more videos. .And unless you want to pay a fine worth much more than your $5 flip flops, then avoid wearing those pesky noisy shoes! On a great big beach. But no worries, if you’re planning to visit this beautiful country, just keep reading to find out the weird laws in Italy. Pixabay. Smile And Don’t Be Noisy: Italy’s Weird Laws. There are lots of rules and laws that we have to follow. - Although it’s not technically illegal to swim in public fountains, the act of doing so carries a substantial fine. If you want to avoid a fine of up to €500, you must walk your dog at least three times a day and don’t even think about dying your pets fur. When in Madrid, be aware that you cannot hit the streets with more than 8 of your besties at a time, unless you want to receive a penalty. Good news for social etiquette, bad news for any men who still believe the superstition that a quick grab to the trouser area wards off bad luck. 2. Find out the unbelievable, strange, and funny laws in Belgium – and which bizarre laws are merely myths you shouldn’t believe. So, if you own a fish bowl, do your little fishy friends a favor and buy them a new little home! You better put an end to those thoughts if you’re in Eboli, Italy! Top 10 Weird Laws in Italy Regions Tips & Tops Published on 6 March 2018 About ten years ago, the state allowed local mayors to implement laws to quash their own particular ‘security’ threats. Log in or Sign up to save your favorite LivItaly Tours. Strange Laws You’ll Only Experience in Italy. Every house in Germany must have four different garbage cans, including organic waste, general garbage, plastic, and paper. Or Else! Any form of animal mutilation, such as dying or oddly cutting your dog’s fur, leads to a hefty fine. The Italian Constitution was approved by the Parliament in December 1947 and came into effect on 1stJanuary, 1948. So, do Italy a favor and help preserve its history by avoiding fountain swims! Follow. Strange laws to be aware of in the most popular countries for tourists. If you’re doubting this law, that’s reasonable, for it is not really enforced. Bookmark the permalink. The officials of Eraclea believe the risks of sandcastles are too high for they are obstructive to walking on the beach, therefore, they are dangerous for the public. By law a pub can never be overcrowded – there is always room for one more drinker at each table – no matter how squashed people are. Well too bad! This weird law in Milan requires citizens to smile at all times, apart from funerals and hospital visits. Admittedly, though, some of these are so impossible to enforce that you don’t really need to worry about them. Thailand is definitely up there with the countries that have the longest list of weird laws I’ve seen. They might experience unfamiliar traffic patterns, strange food and cultural customs that baffle them at first. So how good is your weird world law knowledge? If you want to avoid a fine in Milan, you must smile at all times. So want to know what to wear in Italy – short answer, go for a silent stylish. In 2008, Italy’s Supreme Court ruled that men who touch their genitals in public, even just for a quick scratch, are committing a criminal offence. Yet another supposed threat to public security, the ban on sandcastles began to be enforced in 2008. Don’t get upset, though! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Shave It for Later Bearded Man Source Men from Nevada who have grown a moustache are legally prohibited from kissing women. Find out now with our 2-minute quiz! In Rome, if you’re caught dancing and singing in a group of three or more, don’t be surprised if you’re fined €500! It certainly seems that way to anyone who’s attempted to navigate the murky waters of the Italian bureaucracy to do just about anything. [6] A single sandcastle. The result? Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest. The ban on swimming, even if you just put your toes in, is heavily enforced with police guards who will gladly give you a fine up to €900. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. Turns out there are a lot of places that have strange laws, though many are hopefully archaic and rarely enforced. The Italian Republic (Repubblica italiana) came into being in 1946, after the fall of the fascist regime in 1943, and as a result of a referendum on the Monarchy in 1946. Types of legal instruments – description Below is a short list of recent actual regulations. Love walking your dogs? 10 Weird Laws in Italy |Funny Ways to Get Fined,

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