features of electronic devices


features of electronic devices

This is a critical step because IEDs are now synonymous with nearly every piece of power system equipment, including protective relays, meters, transformers, circuit breakers, reclosers, load tap changer controls, voltage regulators, etc. One of the disadvantages of this method was that the thin wire bonds were frequently damaged due to the high pressure and velocities of the encapsulant. Industrial electronics is oriented towards manufacturing products required by modem industry-process control equipment, numerically controlled machinery and robots, and equipment for testing and mea­surement. Kovar, a trade name of Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company, was invented by Howard Scott in 1936 [1] and has the advantage of a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) similar to that of glass. Similarly, in a synchronous boost converter, the diode is replaced by a MOSFET (Q2 – see Figure 3.56) for improving power conversion efficiency vs the asynchronous one for limited output voltages. In 1994, after the so-called Perry memo (named after then Defense Secretary William Perry), the US military officially started the wider use of plastic-encapsulated electronic packages. As scientists removed still more air from the tuber, for their experiments, the tubes became vacuum tubes. Then, in the early 1940s, a team of American physicists produced the first successful semiconductor diodes. For example, compact disc players convert digital sound signals on discs to analog signals for playback through loudspeakers. A piston was then pressed into the runner, transferring the molten plastic through the gate into the cavity above the semiconductor device assembly. Define electronic device. Electronic devices may help to enhance speaking, listening and creative skills. X-rays are used in diagnosis and therapy. This date also marks the beginning of the electronics industry. Apart from the information exchange functions, the CBM IED should be equipped with the output connection point for blocking the voltage regulation, starting air-cooling system, and starting nitrogen-filling-fire-extinguishing system. Defence-electronics is strategic of course; it also has valuable spin-offs to offer industry. Figure 3.58. For instance, in a system using a 3.6 V Li-ion battery and a 1.2 V processor, the regulator efficiency will be <40%, the remainder being lost as heat. But each focuses on a different use of current. A buck-boost converter (Figure 3.57) is a combination of a buck converter followed by a boost converter, where an inductor is shared by both converters. By combining the three functions in various ways, engineers design electronic equipment that performs many other special functions, such as the high-speed operations of computers. However, a VLDO would pose problems of cost, size and stabilization [32]. Feature Engineering IoT Medical Wearable Technology Electronics Wireless. Electronic devices usually include a variety of loads, for example LCD display, memories, microprocessor(s), USB, DSP, hard disk drive(s), etc. Fig. Each transformer and high-voltage shunt reactor is equipped with a set of body-based CBM IED. Fig. These components are basic elements that are used to design electrical and electronic circuits. Fig. Features of Electronics Engineering!! Capsules and tablets contain wireless sensors that collect information from the body to diagnose. At school, students use computers to complete their assignments. As the voltage required by digital circuits approaches 1 V, the power conversion efficiency of these regulators tends to decrease. Electronic devices are becoming smaller while the power requirements are increasing to satisfy ever more functionality. In 1907, the American inventor Lee De Forest patented a three- electrode, or triode tube. Electronic devices are susceptible to interference by electrical and magnetic signals generated from natural and man-made sources. By 1960, engineers and scientists had succeeded in building an integrated circuit. Image Guidelines 5. These regulators drop the difference in voltage between the DC power source for the processor and the battery across a pass transistor operating in the linear region – hence the name linear regulator. The relay operation time of CBM IED should be no more than 7 ms. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. Content Guidelines 2. Answer. Such devices are called photoelectric devices or electric eyes. Plastics boxes do not provide any RFI/EMI shielding as they are not conducting. The substantial amount of energy required for recycling was more than the energy utilized for processing a plastic or a metal material [4]. In time, diode tubes also became widely used to rectify alternating current. 0 0 1. In the 2000s, with major advantages in cost, size, weight, performance, and availability, plastic packages attracted > 99% of the market share of worldwide microcircuit sales. Schemes of buck-boost converters. Dissipated power loss usually larger than information electronic devices — special packaging and heat sink are necessary. But engineers made little use of it until the early 1920s, when they intensified their efforts to develop television and films with sound. 1.1. The triode tube became the first electronic amplifier. The header served as a support for maintaining the relative positioning of the three posts. Very often, drive circuits are necessary to interface between information circuits and power circuits. The enterprise comprises the fifth and highest level. Various coating methods are used to provide shielding. Power Electronics Features of power electronic devices Need to be controlled by information electronic circuits. When certain materials, such as copper oxide or selenium, are exposed to light, they produce an electric current or allow a current to flow through them. For example consider the diode, which is an active component. Transfer molding with bottom-side gating [5]. Also the interactions between the devices and the EDD runtime environment are incorporated in the EDDL. Some electron devices change a current’s behaviour to produce or modify signals. Auxiliary CTscan be eliminated in a transformer differential relay, as the new relay has a CT mismatch correction function, as the original primary transformer current… Over the years, with improvements in encapsulant materials, die passivation, metallization technology, and assembly automation, plastics have dominated the electronics packaging industry. In 1912 and 1913, De Forest and the American radio pioneer Edwin H. Armstrong, working independently, developed the triode tube as an oscillator. Plastic-encapsulated microcircuits will continue to account for the vast share of the ICs market in coming years, but hermetic packages, with their special characteristics, will continue to have a unique market in the electronics industry. Thermodynamics indicates that, “…all energy becomes heat, which is more stable energy and more difficult to use.” As energy efficiency increases, it is impossible to eliminate energy loss in electronic devices. Equipment must be hardy enough to withstand environmental pressures besides being precise and sensitive as well. Electronics involve electrical circuits composed of active electrical components including vacuum tubes, transistors, diodes and integrated circuits, related passive electrical components and interconnection technologies. Electronic devices are playing a major role in everyday life. Asked by Wiki User. Additionally, the CBM IED should be in correspondence with their respective relay protection devices. The CBM IED should have the blocking alarm functions, such as the power interruption, communication interruption, abnormal communication, GOOSE-link interruption, and internal abnormality of devices. Either device should have the ability of exchanging all the information of breakers. The metal particles in the surface of the lacquer become bonded to the electroless layer, but it is also essential that the particles are well bonded in the lacquer. Diagnosis include detection of fractures, foreign object in the body, dental cavities, and diseased conditions such as cancer. In 1923, a Russian-born American scientist named Vladimir K. Zworykin combined a photoelectric cell with an electron gun and so made the first successful TV camera tube. Examples are the baseband chipsets (1.375 V) and the video processing DSPs (1.2 V). Due to many advantages of semiconductor devices, they are replacing tube devices in many electronic applications. In recent times, medical electronics, and systems for transportation and power utilities have become important segments on their own. The technology used to describe an EDD is called EDDL. Electronic devices have been packaged in a variety ways. These Electronic components are basic electronic parts packaged in a discrete form with two or more connecting leads or metallic pads. Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors. Make a plan to prepare for this chapter and stick to a Timetable. The microelectronic chip was electrically connected to the side lead posts via wire bonding. Since the invention of the Transistor, the world of electronics has always been on an exponential curve in terms of research, development, manufacturing, bringing up new devices and technologies.Electronic Devices are all about handling information i.e. But engineers can now put more than a hundred thousand transistors on a single chip of silicon that is smaller than a fingernail. The signals in electronic circuits may be classified as either digital or analog. The latter can include on-demand or event-triggered data of logs of events and oscillography that aids diagnostics and forensics on conditions that lead to major events such as outages or equipment failures [6]. An electronic device with two terminals (such as a capacitor) could be described by an equivalent circuit that shows how it does not behave like a perfect capacitor. The transistor device was then bonded to the base lead and interconnected to the emitter and collector leads using wires. Such, in Nickel and Chromium Plating (Third Edition), 1993. Examples are electronic controls in automatic cameras, electronic ignition systems in cars, and electronic control in domestic equipment, such as washing machines. A circuit consists of a series of connected electron devices and other parts. Implantable Electronic Stimula-tion Devices from Head to Sacrum: Imaging Features and Functions Electronic stimulation devices are implanted in various locations in the body to decrease pain, modulate nerve function, or stimulate various end organs. Safety first! This is much theory-based topic, very few types of numerical can be created from this chapter. Amplifiers must strengthen the current before it can be put to use. 3. They eliminate the need for external power switches, thereby reducing solution size and BOM cost. Fig. Transfer molding gained worldwide acceptance as an economical method best suited for mass production. Meanwhile, these functions of the CBM IED should also be realized, such as control loop break monitoring, pressure detection, and blocking of tripping and closing. SA simply refers to implementing SCADA, alarm processing, and other elements to optimize asset management and operational efficiencies that operate without human intervention. Image Courtesy : buzzsolutions.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/electronics-appliances-industry.jpg. (2010), and Becerril et al. Postmolded packages are less expensive than premolded ones because there are fewer parts and assembly steps. Who doesn't love being #1? Moisture-induced failure mechanisms, such as corrosion, cracking, and interfacial delamination, were significant. Fig. By the 1960s, semiconductor diodes and transistors had replaced vacuum tubes in much electronic equipment. It had all the functions of a conventional circuit packed into a semiconductor crystal, 1,000 times smaller than a conventional circuit. A premolded plastic lid or housing is attached on top, using an epoxy adhesive to protect the die and wire bonds, and forms a cavity inside the package. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. Electronics : Basic Facts, Role and Functions of Electronic Devices! 4. Potting soon emerged as a suitable alternative. A thin mask was placed on top with a disc-shaped exposed area, and the chip and the leads were passivated with metallic oxide such as alumina. Analog signals can be converted into digital signals, and digital signals into analog. 2. It uses active devices to control electron flow by amplification and rectification, which distinguishes it from classical electrical engineering which uses passive effects such as resistance, capacitance and inductance to control current flow. X-rays are also used to scan electron microscopy to obtain a ”picture”. J.K. Dennis, T.E. The electrical device changes the current into another form of energy like heat, light, etc. The conducting polymers play a major role in the flexible biodegradable polymer electronics having an excellent processability with the electrical conduction. Laboratories too require instruments of precision. A new technique has been developed involving the use of a specially formulated primer105. Buck-boost, charge pump and fly-back can be used when the battery voltage can be either higher or lower than the output voltage. Countermeasures to protect these devices from heat should be part of the design plan from the beginning stages of development. Five levels of substation integration and automation. McDonald, Substation automation, IEEE Power Energy Mag. Fig. Furthermore, the closed mold design in transfer molding allows for more intricate chips to be encapsulated with better tolerances compared to compression molding. The need to provide screening has increased since plastics ‘boxes’ have been used to house equipment, instead of metal ones. Electronic companies began work on developing far smaller circuits. What are the features of electronic devices? The reliability of plastic packages was no longer considered a stumbling block to their widespread application. Electronics comprises the physics, engineering, technology and applications that deal with the emission, flow and control of electrons in vacuum and matter. choice of constructs, number of recursions, and selection of options). Compatible subsets of EDDL are permitted and may be specified using profiles (e.g. TOS 7. Electronic, optoelectronic, and photonic devices using inorganic semiconductors, e.g., silicon transistor-based computers, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), devices based on semiconductor lasers, and optical communication devices such as waveguides, have greatly contributed to the arrival of the present information-oriented society. About 90% of plastic packages are made using postmolding techniques. Another advantage in the use of a VLDO is represented by its low noise level, this being especially important for digital ICs. COVID-19 and medical IoT device security. The biocomposite electronics improve the value of implantable systems, diagnostic care, and reduce waste related to wearable products. Electroless deposition can take place directly onto the treated areas without the need for etching and activation. The quality of each feature you choose will depend on how you intend to use the device. Electronics and the science of electricity both deal with electric current. 1.1 [2]. One of the early transistor packages is shown in Fig. Integrated dual output channels reduce the part count, while anti-phase switching of the two channels maximizes efficiency and reduces input current ripple and EMI. Determining SA applications relies on first observing the behavior of data over time (daily, seasonally) and diverse conditions (weather patterns) to arrive at rational, data-based establishment of threshold values that trigger automated responses. Signals also can be used to count objects, measure time or temperature, or detect chemicals or radioactive materials. But the definition of Active Components differs according to a few electronic engineers who perform circuit analysis. A switching regulator could not be used to bring the voltage from 1.5 V to the 1.2 V of a DSP, as it would prove impossible activating the MOSFETs with such a low ΔV. Electronics developed chiefly from certain electrical experiments in the 1800s. This CBM IED should have the functions to exchange the integrated information of transformers and high-voltage shunt reactors. In 1947, this same team invented the transistor. Maintenance is a Must. Commonly used DC-DC converters for battery-operated systems can be divided into three categories: (1) linear, for example low drop-out (LDO); (2) conventional switching (with inductor) and (3) inductorless switching. Electronic Components are intended to be connected together, usually by soldering to a Printed Circuit Board ( PCB ), to create an electronic circuit with a particular function ( for example an amplifier, radio receiver, oscillator, wireless ). Haleh Ardebili, ... Michael G. Pecht, in Encapsulation Technologies for Electronic Applications (Second Edition), 2019. The best-known and most important electronic device is the transistor. It is important to protect electronic devices against heat generated by electric current. Most early microelectronic devices were compression-molded, where the molding compound is heated and compressed inside the mold. Thicker coatings can be built up by electrodeposition. which sum up to gave an result of Integrated circuits, devices and systems. In the medical field, electronics has made possible the ECG (Electrocardiogram) recorder as well as the NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) scanner besides other measurement equipment. Such coatings could be used in flexible electronics, solar cells, liquid crystal devices, chemical sensors, and touch screen devices. A premolded plastic package [9].

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