callaway erc fusion driver banned


callaway erc fusion driver banned

Create your own unique website with customizable templates. I took the ERC to the range and I couldn't believe … Back in 2004, we introduced golf's first multi-material, carbon-composite metalwood body in our ERC Fusion driver. Callaway ERC Fusion Driver. i think you can still find a cleveland hi-bore non conforming on ebay. Although many diligent golfers have already changed their drivers which will be non-conforming, there is still a significant segment who have clubs in their bags which, at this time, remain legal. It is expected to ship to retail accounts in December. Mens Callaway Big Bertha Fusion 10.5 Degree Driver Recoil ES 1 inch shorter Stiff Flex Shaft. The Callaway Fusion's explosive distance is the result of Fusion Technology, which combines titanium and carbon composite. The 360cc head features a forged titanium cup-face construction for … I can't remember the name of the darn thing though, but it had the non-conform sticker on it. The entire list, which runs to over 170 pages if printed off, may be downloaded in PDF format (sorted alphabetically either by manufacturer or product name) or it may be searched by manufacturer, product name, and/or markings (ie, specific graphics on the sole, back, crown, etc). 'The older models have been replaced over the past two or three years,' said Pollitt, who observed that players began trading in drivers that will become non-conforming when the announcements were made. "We believe the ERC Fusion Driver is the most technologically advanced driver ever made," said Ron Drapeau, Chairman and CEO of Callaway … Taylormade M6 Illegal Non Conforming Driver This driver will be shaved to increase it’s COR and outperform it’s stock performance levels. The Callaway ERC Fusion + driver is non-coforming. There was a Bridgestone that I played a few years back that I rented, the thing would launch high as a **** but would go long, seriously long. The new rule affects the conformance status of some drivers which may still be in a golfer's bags if he or she hasn't changed drivers in the five years since the rule was first announced. In simple terms - unless you are a top amateur playing in national competitions, you can use this driver in ALL club competitions until Jan 2008. Testing was done with drivers in the neutral (9°) loft position. Callaway ERC Fusion Plus driver Price: £449 Back in October we had an exclusive opportunity to test the latest conforming driver from Callaway at … Can anyone tell me if they know the drivers that were very illegal (read had more trampoline than others)? Or is it to store them away for posterity? However, 'ordinary' club players were given a buffer zone to be made aware of the change and that period of leniency will run out on December 31st. When we first saw them we thought it was just another insert iron, but the unique construction of the head made for effortless hitting on a mid range trajectory. dispatched with express delivery a great performing driver. Very long. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Cheap too. $200. I'm sure the information is somewhere, but I haven't found it yet. THERE IS NO VALUE INFORMATION AVAILABLE FOR THIS CLUB AT THIS TIME. Too bad these monsters were never released in the US. The Callaway ERC Fusion is the longest club I have ever hit bar maybe the Taylormade XR-03. The Callaway Fusion's explosive distance is the result of Fusion Technology, which combines titanium and carbon composite. now these are bombs! Callaway golf also owns Top-Flite Golf Company, … If you require more information send us an email to or call us on . An effect of the thin faces is known as the 'spring-like effect' or 'trampoline effect'. I have a Yamaha that is over .87 COR. Could it be that they intend to use them in competition, ie, cheat? Testing was done using a stock Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver with UST Recoil 450|F4 stiff flex shaft. Callaway's ERC II banned by USGA, selling well in U.S. and abroad By Staff Writer Hope Hamashige NEW YORK (CNNfn) - Technically, the latest golf club introduced by Callaway Golf is an outlaw. The ERC II Driver has created a world wide stir with it's hot "ultra-thin" Forged Titanium face (which has been deemed illegal for tournament play by the USGA.. From Callaway Golf: "A revolutionary breakthrough in golf club technology," the ERCII features, "a large, ultra-thin forged titanium face with 'Variable Face …

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